Patterned HTV Instructions

Patterned HTV Instructions

Alright, lets talk about how you’ve always been told that for HTV you do not need transfer tape, and now I’m going to tell you that for some you do!!


The great patterned HTV in all of its glory, if printed like some of ours is, NEEDS transfer tape. This is no regular transfer tape so please don’t use the scraps you have lying around! For the patterned HTV you will need Easy Mask or the equivalent. We carry the Easy Mask and we give you one sheet for every three patterned sheets you buy!


You’ll want you to think of the adhesive vinyl process rather than HTV process up until you add the heat.


Let's walk through it all together.

I'm using the Buffalo Plaid Pattern, which we have in the store and is printed on Siser Material!


Pick HTV Smooth from the Material list on a Silhouette or use Iron on with your Cricut in the Cut Settings. Note this may need to be adjusted according to your machine. Basically you want to cut this material like EasyWeed.


Place the patterned HTV on the mat with pattern side up to cut, yes I know I always say the side you want to see on the shirt goes down on the mat but not in this case.   Now before you cut from your pattern you can adjust where you want your image on the mat in case you want a specific part of the pattern. For the plaid we just cut in the top corner!


Send your design to cut. When it's finished cutting, you will need to weed away the excess vinyl just like you do for adhesive.


The HTV will be on a clear backing, but the adhesive is actually on the BACK of the patterned HTV so you need to use your Easy Mask to pick up the design before applying to your shirt.


Cut a piece of Easy Mask just larger than your design, remove the clear transfer sheet from its backing and place it directly over the design you cut. Use a squeegee to ensure it has adhered to the entire design and pick it up by peeling the Easy Mask up. You have now exposed the heat-activated adhesive on the back of your pattern.


Place the design on the surface of your garment and apply with medium pressure at 295 for 15-20 seconds. This will change based on the material that the pattern is printed on so be make sure you follow the heat instructions that come with your vinyl.


Remove the Easy Mask; you can peel this material Hot or Cold. I like to finish by placing the Teflon sheet over the unmasked design and pressing for a few more seconds to seal in the design but this is completely optional.


And Voila, you’ve completed you Patterned HTV transfer!

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I have followed your instructions with the buffalo plaid and my cricut and it will not work. It keeps tearing when I put the easy mask on it and try to iron it on. Help! What am I doing wrong?


Can you put this plaid on top of reg. htv vinyl for an outline?


You do not mirror correct?


Thank you for these great step by step directions


How long does patterned HTV last? Are there issues with fading after washing?


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