Money Lei Making Class In person and Online

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Class Description: This class is designed to teach participants how to create their own money lei using 35 bills. Participants will need to bring their own 35 bills to class, and all other materials including card stock and ribbon in various colors will be provided. Additionally, participants will have the option to purchase wood charms to add to their lei.

During the class, participants will learn how to fold the dollar bills into a unique shape and then string them together using the ribbon provided. The instructor will demonstrate various techniques for creating different designs and patterns with the ribbon and will provide guidance and support as participants work on their leis.

By the end of the class, participants will have created their own beautiful and personalized money lei, perfect for gifting to a graduate or wearing to their own graduation ceremony. This class is suitable for all skill levels and ages, and no prior experience is necessary.

Materials provided: card stock, ribbon in various colors

Materials required to bring: 35 bills any bills you would like

Optional materials available for purchase: wood charms

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Age range: All ages

Class length: 2 hours


online will be held at the same time via zoom.  You need to supply all of your own materials.  Card stock, ribbon and bills! 

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