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Opal Iridescent Adhesive Vinyl 12x12

Opal Iridescent Adhesive Vinyl 12x12

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Holographic Opal is a permanent adhesive vinyl that will mesmerize you! 

Opal vinyl, can be used for car decals, scrapbooking, signage, craft projects and more! Can be easily cut and applied allowing you to turn any flat or glass surface into a work of art!  Angle the film to observe the rainbow effect that shows a different color! 

PVC Film Thickness (mils) 3.2
PSA Thickness (mils) 1.0
Liner (weight) 78 lbs.
Tensil strength (lbs/in. break load) 8-10
Elongation 50% - 100%

OUTDOOR DURABILITY (When properly converted and applied, vertical exposure, non-printed): Up to 1 Year

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