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TIZA Chalked Finish Paint by CUTZ



Thank you guys for continuing to help us grow!  We created TIZA our Chalked Finish paint line for Cutz Creative DIY Workshops.  We were looking for a high quality cost effective paint that would allow for a start to finish product in a short amount of time.  TIZA, which means chalk in Spanish, was born!  We developed this for our own use but our workshop customers and DIY fans wanted in on the action so here we are launching our paint line to share our joy with you.  We currently have 43 colors including 3 Metallics and we are launching them in 4 different series, this is the Spring release of the first 10 colors along with our Stencil Barrier and signature brushes. 

Tune in on Wednesday’s at noon every week to see what you can do with TIZA!  You won’t be disappointed.  



Do you paint signs? Wood? Furniture?  

Not a huge fan of prep work?  ME EITHER!  

Most surfaces need only be wiped clean to apply TIZA Chalked Finish Paint by Cutz!  Who wants to do all that prep work?  NOT I!  Some smooth surfaces just need a light sanding.  



And did you know it can double as a stain?!?  Yes you heard that right!  Just use a 1:1 ratio of water to TIZA and voila you have stain!  

TIZA is a latex based paint which makes for a very easy cleanup!  Just a little soap and water will do the trick.  



Perfect for distressing.  TIZA Chalked Finish paint is the perfect paint to layer and distress.  My signature is Coal as a Base coat, Frosted as a Top coat, a little sand paper and a clean wipe and BOOM, our signature look!   Oh yes and apparently so is that goofy face I’m always making but I was referring to the workshop sign in the background!  


TIZA Chalked Finish paint is very forgiving and helps with that aged or worn look which lets face it is all the rage.  I am slowly painting everything in my house that I once wanted to replace.  NOTHING IS SAFE!  Not even the old light fixture in my bathroom and the mirror wasn’t too far behind.  



TIZA was designed to harden and dry quickly and to allow for distressing.  It dries to an ultra matte Tiza (chalk, in Spanish) look.  Regular latex paints won’t do that.  It’s so easy to use you’re going to feel like a pro in no time!  



Go get yourself a garage sale bargain and watch TIZA transform it into a centerpiece!  TIZA gets into the detailed spaces and won’t crack so it’s perfect for resurrecting the oldies but goodies.  You’ll have a brand new recycled piece I’m not time with no stress.  Finish it off with a sand sponge or steel wool and turn back the hands of time creating your own one of a kind finish!  




You can layer all kinds of colors, scratch the surface and uncover those hidden gems.  


Lightly feather your second coat with a nearly dry brush and BAM weathered look!  


The fact that TIZA is thicker than typical latex based paints makes it great for stenciling.  It doesn’t squeeze under the stencil and bleed but just to make sure we have created the Stencil Barrier which is your failsafe!  In our workshops with both beginners and experts we hardly ever see a bleed!  Apply the Stencil Barrier lightly to the entire area to be stenciled with the foam brush (included with your order), let completely dry and apply your paint!  Watch out for those pesky knots!  



We needed a paint that would make complete projects in less than 4 hours.  We are talking base coat, top coat, distress, stencil, seal and add all the colors in the world, remove stencil and finish.  Wow, that was a mouthful but I’m sure you got the point.  With TIZA you can go from start to finish very quickly and touch ups if necessary are a breeze.  We developed TIZA with all of that in mind and we use it live on Wednesday’s (projects from start to finish in about an hour) and every Friday night for our workshops!  


TIZA is perfect for sign parties!  Ask about the party in a box.  Select colors, brushes and stencils.  All you need is blanks and boom you have the perfect entertainment for your guests.


Paint Jars are 8 oz

Stencil Barrier 6 oz